Dr. Stu’s Podcast #59: The E-Mail Bag!

French Bulldogs

Dr. Stu and Brian read distressing e-mails about birthing in faraway places!


Dr. Stu's Podcast #58: Hobby Lobby Decision

Hobby Lobby Rosie_Riveter_Sandra_Rivete-570x532

Dr. Stu and Brian dissect the Supreme Court’s ruling on the religious freedom of employers and birth control disputes.


Dr. Stu's Podcast #57: Embrace the Filth

Filthy Baby Story

Put down the Purell! NBC Reports baby’s exposure to dirt is beneficial.




Dr. Stu’s Podcast #56: Breech Hits Main Stream Media



Baby Molly1

From ID theft to the guys discussion on the Wall Street Journal article on changing trends.



Dr. Stu's Podcast #55: The First 100


Dr. Stu and Brian share their take on Dr. Stu’s home birth statistics!  

Dr. Stu's Podcast #54: Coming to a hospital near you? A "Forced" C-Section!

Forced c section_54


A new mom at Staten Island University Hospital tells a shocking story! From the Daily Beast  

Dr. Stu's Podcast #53: A set of twins, three breeches and two head-first births! Quite a week!


An important listener email for Dr, Stu – with lots of info – kicks off the show plus a busy home birthing time for Dr. Stu!



Dr. Stu's Podcast #52: Falling Doctors, Fainting Nurses & Dropping Daddy's!

fainting daddy

Dr. Stu tells Brian about the first time, as a student, that he passed out viewing open heart surgery!  Plus some very positive analysis of 40 years of home births!


Dr. Stu’s Podcast #51: The Most Miserable Occupation in America? SURVEY SAYS!!

Family Feud

Brian brings in Louie Anderson so Dr. Stu can play “Family Feud” & we talk high-profile pregnancies!



Podcast #50: Dr. Stu reaches a milestone!



Dr. Stu and Brian celebrate and recall Dr. Stu’s 5 favorite themes.